What is the right time for an orthodontic check-up?

The answer may surprise you! While you are focused on the tooth fairy’s visit, orthodontists are ready to review your child’s jaw and teeth health. It is recommended that by age 7, your child should have an orthodontic evaluation. At Feil Orthodontics, we always offer an initial evaluation and consultation free of charge. We also offer ongoing “growth guidance” monitoring at no cost to you in order to ensure that your child starts active orthodontic treatment at the most appropriate time.


But, Why?

At this age, an evaluation is reviewing subtle problems including inadequate space, tooth crowding, crossbites, underbites, open bites, bite malalignment, impacted teeth, jaw joint function or any oral damage. Early detection and treatment prevent more serious problems from developing and may make treatment at a later age shorter and less complicated.


Our goal

At Feil Orthodontics, we want you to feel like family. It’s our goal to partner with you to provide your child the best orthodontic journey possible to ensure the best opportunity for a healthy, beautiful smile your child feels excited to share.

It’s Mom’s Turn to SMILE Contest

This May, Feil Orthodontics wants to recognize moms – the selfless, hard-working individuals who keep us ticking.


We are giving one lucky mom an absolutely

FREE orthodontic smile makeover!


This contest is open to anyone in our community. You don’t have to be a patient to participate.


Kids, we want to hear from you! Nominate your mom for this great opportunity!





The Feil Orthodontics Mom’s Smile Makeover Contest runs from May 8 – May 31, 2020.


To enter, please submit:


• A photo of you (if you are a mother yourself) and/or the mom you are nominating


• A short essay telling us about your mom, why your mom deserves a smile makeover, and what it would mean to her (maximum 500 words)


• Your current mailing address and phone number


Applicants/nominees must be moms, age 18 and over. Entries must be emailed to drfeil@bismarckbraces.com and received by May 31, 2020 by midnight CST. Limit one entry per person. Each entry must be complete to be accepted.



One mom will be selected as the winner of the Feil Orthodontics Mom’s Smile Makeover Contest. The prize will be FREE orthodontic treatment with braces provided by Feil Orthodontics. Feil Orthodontics will use orthodontic appliances most appropriate for the case. The prize will cover one set of placed appliances. There is no actual cash value to the prize. No portion of the unused prize may be redeemed for cash. Frequent broken appliances and replacement retainers are subject to charge.

All entries become property of Feil Orthodontics, which assumes no responsibility for late, misdirected or lost entries. By entering this contest, entrants agree that all parts of their entries may be published by Feil Orthodontics. Winners consent that Feil Orthodontics may use their name, photographs, or other likenesses, the winners’ hometown and biographical information, contest entry and statement concerning the contest entry, without compensation for purposes of advertising, promotion, and grant all rights to edit or modify and to publish and copyright it. The winner will be responsible for taking before, after, and progress pictures for use by Feil Orthodontics internally and externally for marketing purposes. This may also include a video interview.

Limitation of Liability:
By participating in this contest, entrants and participants agree to release and hold Feil Orthodontics, doctors and employees, harmless against any and all claims, causes of action and liability arising out of the award and use of the prize and their participation in this contest.

Void where prohibited or restricted by law. Taxes, if applicable, are the sole responsibility of the winner. Additional restrictions may apply. In the event that this contest is challenged by legal authority, Feil Orthodontics reserves the right to discontinue or modify the contest or disqualify any participant.


Welcome Back to our office!

Scroll to view the safety measures we will be taking as we re-open our doors:


To Our Medical Community

To our Medical Community,

THANK YOU for what you’re doing. Really, thank you. When you signed your contract, I doubt it specified that you’d be on the front line of a global pandemic. Thank you for showing up and doing your job. Thank you for being a servant leader, a hero, a selfless example of someone we can trust, admire, and believe in. Our community and our nation have hope because we know you are working hard to help.


As we near the projected peak of COVID-19 cases locally and nationally, the stress this pandemic has placed on all medical staff is evident. Our hospitals and clinics depend on a wide network of helpers to run. From doctors and nurses to reception staff, administrative teams, food service personnel, and laboratory technicians (to name just a few…), not one of us is left unaffected. The media is filled with stories daily about the shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and testing materials in many areas of our country. Medical staff not fully equipped to protect themselves are asked to tolerate not only the fear of catching COVID-19 at work but also the fear of potentially infecting their loved ones. Recommendations to cancel all elective procedures and postpone non-emergent care has led to numerous clinics and areas of our hospitals looking like ghost towns and has left doctors and clinic staff worried about financial stability. Medical staff have described feeling like outcasts outside of work, with community members responding fearfully toward them because they may have been near someone infected. With policies in place restricting visitors to hospitals, medical staff members are asked to be the only personal presence and source of support for sick patients, many of whom are anxious, depressed, sad and lonely. On top of all of this, medical staff are asked to come home after work and provide homeschooling and emotional support to children and spouses who have also had their worlds turned upside down.


WHEW. Let’s pause for a second to breathe here. 5…4…3…2…1


This is hard. If you’re feeling stressed right now, it’s ok. I am too. It’s human to feel overwhelmed by all the changes that have come our way this past month.


As a clinical psychologist, I wish I could assure you that if you just use a magical set of coping skills or grit and resilience building exercises every day, you’ll become immune to the stress this pandemic has created. I’d be lying to you and you know that. However, there is a lot we can all do to mitigate the effects of stress right here, right now.


I urge you to consider the following:

  1. Check-in with yourself multiple times per day. Stop, pause, and notice your body, thoughts, and feelings. Most of us have several go-to strategies to manage tension, negativity, and strong emotions if we catch them before they become too intense. Check-in with yourself the same way you would a loved one.


  1. Check in with colleagues. Nobody understands what you’re going through better than a colleague walking in your footsteps. Lean on each other for support. Let colleagues know you’re there to listen, validate, and offer supervision or consultation as needed.


  1. Prioritize brief stress-busting exercises. Stop to slowly breathe for 1 minute. Take a walk. Have a snack. Practice mindfulness to allow yourself to be in the present moment. Consider using progressive muscle relaxation or visualization exercises. None of these strategies will make the stress of the pandemic disappear, but taking brief breaks for rejuvenation regularly will prevent stress from becoming toxic and overwhelming.


  1. Pace yourself. Give yourself permission to slow down, set a boundary, and take time for mini-breaks when needed. Don’t forget to stop and give your body what it needs, especially healthy meals, water, and sleep.


  1. Focus on what you can control. Worry grows exponentially when we spend time trying to change or fix things beyond our ability to influence. Practice radically accepting (not approving of – simply acknowledging and accepting) what’s outside of your control and focus energy and attention on what you can do to make things better.


  1. Let hospital and clinic leadership know what you need. System-wide support and communication is crucial to keeping stress in check.


  1. Remember what you’re doing. When the entire world is asked to stay away, you are asked to be there. You bring healing, comfort, and support to people in great need. You bring us all – your patients, colleagues, community and nation – hope.


Again, thank you. Take care of yourself.



Dr. Tara Feil

Clinical Psychologist





To our Feil Orthodontics Family:

Your health and safety are our #1 priority. We are aware of growing concern about the coronavirus pandemic in our community with evidence of community spread now documented. Recently, the American Dental Association and the North Dakota Dental Board have recommended that the dental community temporarily suspend elective procedures in order to prevent spread of infection. As a proud North Dakota Orthodontist, I respect and admire our dental community leaders for making this difficult recommendation, and I agree with it. Feil Orthodontics will suspend all non-emergent in-person patient care starting March 19, 2020 and continue to monitor patients virtually as needed until further notice.



A few things to know during this time:

1. We will continue to see patients in-person with emergent concerns. I will continue to be available to address any emergencies that arise. Call or text 222-8668 and rest assured that we’re here to help. Emergent concerns include acute pain, infection, or trauma in need of orthodontic intervention. For a complete list of American Dental Association recommendations regarding what’s considered a dental emergency, click HERE.

2. We will continue to provide virtual consultations. If you have a consultation appointment scheduled or had planned to schedule one soon, we can still see you! Just go to our homepage and click on “Start Your Virtual Consult.” We have technology in place to be able to take a look at your smile, discuss your smile goals and offer recommendations to get you started on your smile journey with us.

3. We will continue to provide virtual monitoring as needed. Dr. Feil has been providing virtual monitoring since 2015, and we have secure technology in place to be able to monitor your progress or troubleshoot concerns from home. Text us at 222-8668 and include a picture of your smile question or concern to help us get started.

4. This should not lengthen your treatment. We plan for small deviations in treatment schedule and will continue treatment as planned as soon as possible. If monitoring is necessary before we are able to reschedule with you in person, virtual monitoring that can be done from home will be coordinated.

5. We will reschedule your appointment ASAP. As soon as it is safe to open our doors to all patient care, we will reschedule your appointment and continue treatment as planned. Information regarding the presence of COVID-19 in our community is changing daily. We will be carefully monitoring facts about the coronavirus pandemic and listening to recommendations from the CDC, American Dental Association, and the North Dakota Dental Board to determine when it will be safe to reschedule appointments.  We will contact you to reschedule your in-person appointment as soon as it is safe to open our doors.

The Feil Orthodontics team is committed to doing everything we can to keep our patients and community safe. We appreciate your patience as we continue to navigate this challenging time alongside you and your families.

Dr. Blake Feil


Welcome to Feil Orthodontics! Make yourself at home as you join the Feil Family. We offer complimentary coffee and tea, classic Ms. Pac-Man, and of course – welcoming smiles – as you enter our doors. We even have a fresh clean toothbrush waiting for you to use before your appointment. We take hospitality seriously and can’t wait to welcome you!