As you move into the Retention phase of treatment, your braces, bands or attachments will be removed in a process we call debond. Any adhesives that were used to bond to your teeth will be removed and likely impressions for a retainer will be taken. The retainer keeps the teeth from moving, now that you have invested so much time to make them straight.

We will monitor you over the course of up to two years after you have been debonded. Each Retention check, Dr Feil will assess your teeth and determine whether you can lessen the amount of time that it is worn each day. Eventually, you will get to where you only wear the retainer(s) at night. It is important that you not move to night wear too quickly. This is the reason for retention checks.

It is important, especially in the first year of being out of treatment that you consistently wear the retainers each day so that the dental fibers re-orientate and your teeth settle into place. Teeth can move quickly.

If anything happens to your retainer, whether it be a crack or a break, call us no later than the next business day, so that we can help you to get a replacement retainer promptly. One to two days of not wearing your retainer may result in your teeth moving enough that your retainer could feel uncomfortable while you wear it. If it has been more than two days of “no wear” we may need to make a new impression of your teeth to stop any further movement. Please bring your retainer to every retention check so we can check the retainers for cracks and make sure they are fitting correctly.